Abuse and Body Betrayal

Abuse and Body Betrayal

body betrayal

One aspect of my abuse that was difficult for me deal with was the fact that my body behaved like it enjoyed it. I felt like I was to blame as well. I must have wanted it. Between my bodies reactions and the crap he told me, when ever I wrote about it or later talked about it, I made it seem like something between consensual adults.

Why Did My Body Betray Me?

I never used the word ‘rape’. I never considered it rape until my therapist called it that. She explained that what my body felt was a natural thing and that it in no way made the abuse my fault. Nor did it mean I liked it.
I believe many victims have felt this way about their body. Perhaps even hating their bodies because of it. Because it was a sore spot for me I want others to know that it is a biological thing and you did not want the abuse. I found two sites that talk very well about this topic and I urge you to read them.

angela shelton quote


The first is the Survivor Manual. Angela Shelton, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse put this site together. Angela is awesome and had a small part in my road to recovery. I believe you can find a lot of help through her.

The other one I found on Kali Munro Psychotherapist. They both explain how and why your body reacted like it did. It touches on a subject not talked about enough. Please take the time to read one or both, then return here and leave me a comment about what you read.


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