Addictive Personality

 Addictive Personality

Things could have turned out so much worse for me. It’s a wonder I managed to not get hooked on drugs and alcohol. I had plenty opportunity. I was already addicted to cigarettes and the caffeine in my tea. I watched as most of my family of origin often got drunk. I had a boyfriend who introduced me to drugs. Lucky for me he worried I’d like the stuff too much and kept us from over doing it. When I did drink I got my hangover the night of so drinking wasn’t so much fun so I didn’t do it very often.

A Friend Turned Me on to Wine

I found that wine did not give me a headache. I was finally able to have fun. I didn’t get a chance as a teen. So I could drink and have some fun but I never became an alcoholic. I could very easily though. When stressed I want a glass of wine or chocolate or sugar (I quit smoking.)

What Does it Mean

An addictive personality means you have personality traits that can lead you to addiction. If you tend to use pleasurable activities to cope with stress you may be predisposed to addiction.

My Addictive Personality Quiz Results

I found this quiz at

The questions I answered yes to were

You feel different or that you don’t belong

You worry a lot

You have a racing mind

You worry what others think of you

You think that if someone knew the real you, they would not like you

You struggle with anxiety or depression

When you open a bag of chips (or in my case, candy) you have to eat them all

You hold your feelings in

You feel alone even among family and friends

When you stop one habit, you pick up another (I quit smoking and started eating mints)

You easily get bored

You grew up in an abusive home

You start projects but don’t finish them

Although you are lonely, you feel more comfortable being alone

You don’t trust people

You impulse buy

You try to change things with self-help but it doesn’t work (big time me!)

My score put me as definitely having an addictive personality. It said I was challenged by my emotions and have a hard time relaxing. All true.

What to do?

About Health has 10 things you should stop doing.

  • Eating to feel better
  • Socializing with Alcohol
  • Using Internet all the Time
  • Thinking Sex mean Intimacy
  • Shopping to feel good
  • Thinking you have the Right to Smoke
  • Using Drugs to Self Medicate
  • Using Marijuana to Relax
  • Believing you Can’t Quit
  • Most of which I do or have done
Do You Have an Addictive Personality?




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